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ChrastavaChrastavaChrastawa (Chrastava)


Original Lusatian-serben village, than mining centre in the west jizera mountains. First mention from 14th century. In 18th century started to growth the textile industry. The most important buildings are pseudo-gothic church of St. Vavřinec of beginning 19th century and town-hall of the year 1646. In Chrastava borned a famous czech painters of 19th century - J. Frühlich, V. Kandler and G. Kratzmann.

Infocentre - Nám. 1. Máje, 463 31 Chrastava, tel.: +420-485 143 161, e-mail:


Church of St. Vavřinec
Town square
Church of St. Vavřinec

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